Vertigo is a program member to member, get your financial freedom with only 0.05 BTC (35$)

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About VertigoBTC

VertigoBTC is formed with only one mission, make each and every member financially secured with Reasonable Targets.

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MelE12 - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 Dennis90 - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 ibrahim - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 abeesawlar - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.08 SamN - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 MelE126-2 - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 Louis20 - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.05 Mike - 05-Dec 11:22 Ƀ0.08 Effyzzie - 05-Dec 09:42 Ƀ0.05 Baby2008 - 05-Dec 08:59 Ƀ0.05

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